Building a Culture of Collaboration

The following is a typical example of a road trip scenario from the 1990s: Driver:  “I know the way to our destination.” Passenger: “Are you sure?” After more time elapses and there is a feeling that the car is going in circles, Passenger:  “Why don’t we stop here and ask for directions?  He/She looks like … Continue reading Building a Culture of Collaboration


Seeing and Hearing

The school year is still fresh and new, and yet I marvel at how quickly we fall right back into familiar grooves and rhythms. Let’s go swiftly back one more time to that aura and excitement of convocation morning. Student leaders, administrators, and teachers imparted many words of wisdom on that first day of school, … Continue reading Seeing and Hearing

Telling Stories

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian novelist, speaks eloquently in a TED Talk about the dangers of the “single story.” By single story, she means reducing a person or a group of people to a one dimensional description or assumption, which we in turn carry with us for years. We cling to these insufficient bios of … Continue reading Telling Stories